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Vik Bansal Advocates for the Building of Australia’s Recycling Infrastructure

The globe’s Supply chains have been adversely affected by the pandemic. Numerous factors have led to this, such as labor shortages relating to covid-19, raw materials scarcity, and rising demand levels. These issues placed enormous difficulties on international shipping terminuses initially; however, they later started bringing enormous strains to supply chains, distribution centers, and warehouses.

As a consequence, most developing nations have begun to rethink their supply chains. Australia is one of these nations struggling to bring their economies back to normal. Moreover, businesses have begun to rebound back around the world.

Vik Bansal, InfraBuild’s new CEO, bases his judgment on the idea that whatever has a weakness also has an opportunity. His work at InfraBuild included transforming the company’s waste management domain while advocating for building the recycling infrastructure in Australia. His aspirations were similar to the nation’s manufacturing sector.

Vik Bansal believes that hard work can act as a strong tool to growing the strength of paving the way for long-term self-sufficiency and long-lasting sustainability in the state. According to him, the latest global pandemic has uncovered languishing Australia’s manufacturing sector.

However, the government of Australia launched a funding program in 2020 October that was meant to assist Australian manufactures. The government saw the state’s manufacturing sector’s capability to support economic recovery and build future resilience.

In 2015, Vik Bansal started working for Cleanaway as the company’s managing director and CEO. He has extensive remarkable experience in leadership positions that spans 20 years. He acquired this experience from various executive roles undertaken in the US, Australia, and Asia industries.

Vik Bansal has participated in leadership activities for numerous enormous and leading organizations, facilitating their development, transformation, and growth. He previously worked for Valmont Industries as the corporation’s COO and president.