Business Leader, Philanthropist

Tony Bennet Paints The Permanently Displayed Heart In Union Square With The Help Of Pamela Baer

Pam Baer is a well-recognized leader in the community of the Bay area. She was born in Texas and later married a well-established businessman and the CEO of the San Francisco Giants company. Later, they were blessed with four children. She studied at the University of Texas, which is located in Austin, where she graduated with a degree in marketing and finance.

After being successful in her business career, Pamela Baer collaborated with some of her clients she had worked with to start a marketing business. It was a mail marketing venture that offered financial services to business-to-business and some consumer clients, as well as other Fortune companies. By doing this business, she gained experience in business where she had the idea of starting a business that would be able to help the local community.

Since she was young, Pam Baer had an interest in philanthropy. After her young son was involved in an accident and admitted to the San Francisco General Hospital, where his health was restored, healthcare became her mission for the vulnerable. While her son’s life was saved and the healthcare services that were offered, she decided to become a member of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, where she served on the directorial board till 2018. For the first time, Pamela Baer was named by the board as a Lifetime Director.

She signed on to collaborate with a project that was going on in San Francisco called the Hearts. This project is among the highly anticipated San Francisco events that have always supported the work of the local artists. It showcases some of the sculptures of the heart that are designed and made by artists in the Bay area.

To be able to raise some money to fund the SFGH Foundation, they auction off the sculptures. Tony Bennett painted the permanently displayed heart that is in Union Square. To the residents of San Francisco, these hearts are a symbol of the love that they feel for the healthcare workers. Click here for more information.


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