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SeaWorld Looks To The Future With Strong Leadership

This past April, The Global Association for the Attractions Industry (IAAPA) held its yearly conference. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the conference was held virtually. SeaWorld CEO Marc Swanson highlighted the company’s best-ever EBITDA — earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. Swanson emphasized how SeaWorld’s Board members and a leadership team made decisions that kept the company moving forward during the pandemic.

Insight Into SeaWorld’s Pandemic Operations

CEO Marc Swanson elaborated on the events that unfolded throughout the pandemic: “What we did over the ensuing days, weeks, and months between the shutdown, shoring up our balance sheet and liquidity, and the gradual reopening of our parks not only allowed us to get through what could have been a devastating stretch but [also] prepared us to emerge a much stronger company.”

Swanson emphasized that the company utilized more efficient operations throughout the pandemic. Leadership adopted an understanding approach that allowed them to make fast and creative decisions. This boldness was SeaWorld’s key to success amid uncertainty.

SeaWorld’s Board and Leadership Collaborate to Find Solutions

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is unique in that its Board of Directors and leadership teamwork in tandem to make the best possible decisions for the company. About his collaboration with Scott Ross, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Swanson said, “That collaboration allowed us to address our operational costs and maximize our financial flexibility, giving us some breathing room to make difficult decisions with some degree of confidence.”

Swanson added, “We moved quickly to eliminate or defer non-essential expenses and substantially reduced or deferred all capital spending by postponing the opening of most of our new rides.”

It seems safe to say SeaWorld has a strong future ahead post-pandemic with the strategic maneuvers of its strong leaders.