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Ryan Kavanaugh's TrillerNet Is Revolutionizing Entertainment

Entertianment tends to come in all forms from sporting events to live music performances. One of the newest and best forms of entertainment is known as TrillerNet. This particular company uses next-level innovation to provide radical remakes of combat sports. Ryan Kavanaugh, owner and businessman of the company, has entered TrillerNet into a booming market that utilizes non-fungible tokens. This advanced technology is similar to Bitcoin in which you can purchase a range of items and services. A popular non-fungible property includes the Jake Paul video of him knocking out Ben Askerin. Ryan Kavanaugh’s Triller Fight Club is growing by leaps and bounds as it has hosted popular events for Mike Tyson and Vitor Belfort.

In addition to that, the company hosts spectacles for Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber and other top-level artists. The results have equated to sold-out events as well as millions of views via pay per view. Verzuz, which is a popular form of entertainment that pits artist against artist, falls under this brand. Verzuz caught fire in 2020 during the pandemic, and it provided raw entertainment as music artists battled each other song for song via an online platform. Verzuz can now be enjoyed is person via a concert-like experience. This includes battles between KRS One and Timbaland as well as Brandy and Monica.

Ryan Kavanaugh is using his professionalism and business-minded tactics to expand the brand even further. Non-fungible tokens can be used to acquire a bundle of Verzuz events. NFT artwork is also very popular across a wide demographic of people. The Kings of Leon has used this advancement to sell their latest album via NFT for an estimated $2 million. Ryan Kavanaugh is looking to revolutionize this business by offering an array of still images and video of popular people, events and products.

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