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Richard Liu shares his entrepreneurship journey

Richard was born in Chang’an, China. Infrastructure was strange at Chang’an. He would visit all nearby towns to see running water and electricity. Even though he was born to poor parents, his grandparents were wealthy. His parents lost their wealth and turned into farming rice when Richard Liu was young.

Richard has spent more of his childhood time with his grandmother. As good nurture, his grandmother taught him to do the best in everything he does. On the other hand, Richard helped his grandmother prepare delicious meals. Also, he would follow his grandmother to bribe a meat vendor with peanuts to get a piece of meat. At school, Qiangdong worked hard to achieve excellent marks for accessible entrance at the University in which he got. Thanks to Renmin University for giving him a chance to pursue Sociology. He also studied programming during his free time.

Further, Richard got his first job to handwrite copies of documents and letters. A few people knew how to go about gaming; hence he got lots of gaming work. Richard, therefore, made it to buy a good phone and a computer. Additionally, he built a better house for his parents. Although Richard Liu owns a big and expensive e-commerce company, he has experienced both failure and success. After completing his studies, Richard had saved enough money to start his restaurant. After some time, his restaurant collapsed since he didn’t have managing skills. He trusted his employees who took advantage of him.

Fortunately, he earned a job position at herbal supplement giant Japan Life to earn experience in running a business. Then, he got appointed as the Director of Computers and services. Later, he started his own retail business, where he sold magneto-optical goods. To experience rapid growth, he only sold legit products. Most of his competitors sold cheap counterfeit products. Unfortunately, Richard’s business and many others closed doors due to the SARS pandemic. However, he began advertising and marketing his products online. The online marketing enabled him to launch an online version to get more clients.

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