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Rachel Nichols – Top Female Sports Journalist

Rachel Nichols is an American sports journalist who worked as an anchor, sports reporter, and television host for ESPN. She is among the most successful woman. The way she has carried her career is appreciated, especially her skills when interviewing someone.

Formerly, she was the host of “The Jump”, which discusses the NBA and reports on stories and news from the game. Besides, she has extensively contributed to “SportsCenter” with interviews, commentary, and features.

Rachel could sometimes host “Outside the Lines” and contributed to ESPN’s prime edition newsmagazine E: 60. She is a former reporter at Turner Sports and CNN. She partly worked on NCAA and NBA Tournament broadcasts networks as “Unguarded with Rachel Nichols” host and a studio analyst for CNN. In addition, Nichols has been a reporter for “Fort Launder Sun-Sentinel and Washington Post”.

During her interview with Moly Knight, Rachel gave a reason for choosing her career. Rachel affirmed that she loved sports from childhood and found it fun, and thus, became interested in it. However, she never knew she would be a professional athlete. On looking around for available sports jobs in those days, there were no chances of a female becoming a team executive.

As she got older and critically thought through it, she realized her interest grew when she frequently attended various sporting occasions. The incidences that she encountered made her unsure of what could happen next.

Rachel Nichols is a smart, whip-smart, and funny woman, and she is not scared to ask tough questions in the interviews she does. Her journalism hacks opened opportunities to work with top media houses like CNN and ESPN.

Rachel has been recognized in sports as a prominent and the most impactful female journalist in her country. Also, sports media has named her among the top ten most influential voices. Currently, Rachel Nichols’ main objective is to focus on her talents and enrich the NBA dialogue. Follow this page on Instagram, for related information.


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