Energy Home Audit, PosiGen

PosiGen Fights To Ensure That New Orleans Residents Continue To Enjoy Energy Freedom

The recent votes made by the Public Service Commission (PSC) are designed to help boost the profitability of utility companies while undermining the citizens within the community. PosiGen is a solar power company. Some of the top commissioners within the PSC, including Craig Green, Mike Francis, and Eric Skrmetta, are keen on ensuring that solar clients sell their energy to utility companies for $0.03. 


This same power at PosiGen would then be sold to clients for $0.10, meaning that the power producers would keep the profits. In a recent meeting convened by the solar energy industry in Los Angeles to rehear, the Public Service Commission rejected the matter. Posigen CEO pointed out that the refusal of the commission to hear the case is an indication of how public servants are failing their citizens.


Regardless of the strides the Public Service Commission is taking, it won’t impact the strides that Posigen is taking to ensure that Louisiana families are energy-dependent. One of the solar power company’s clients, General Russel, admits that net metering has provided the residents of Louisiana with the chance to manage their production. He adds that when such a chance isn’t there anymore, the energy companies will have a say in the energy produced.


Posigen top executive reiterates that they continue to push for independence, clean energy, and lower bills. He also adds that they’re fortunate that the company headquarter is located in New Orleans, where the city council has instituted progressive regulations on utilities. Unlike many regions, new metering from PosiGen will remain in place in New Orleans, and it will stay that way for years to come.