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Philip Belamant Announces Zilch has Passed the Two Million User Mark

Philip Belamant is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zilch. The company was founded in late 2019 and they recently announced that they now have exceeded two million users.

How can so new a company reach that kind of user numbers in so short a time period? This user number surpasses many of its competitors such as Robinhood, NU, Afterpay and Wise. These numbers become even more astonishing when it is noted that in December 2021 alone more than 425,000 new customers were added. All of this growth is in less than three years!

Zilch is a fintech company. To clarify the meaning of this, the term refers to the ability to apply technology to the financial services of a company. This is with the intention of improving these services for consumers to use.

Philip Belamant has understood that people considered millennials and members of Gen Z both demand greater access to their money. They want their money and other financial tools to move at the speed they demand and in ways they are the first generations to demand. To comply with these ideas, Philip Belamant designed Zilch to provide them with an easy “pay and go” method of paying for goods and services. To accommodate their desire to pay in installments as they pay for many other services, Philip Belamant designed what he calls Pay4. This financial tool allows for users to pay in four equal installments. However, if a user wants to pay for the purchase all at one time he or she can earn generous rewards from Zilch.

As Belamant’s company moves ahead and turns to the international market he sees new opportunities to provide even more access, rewards and other benefits for users of Zilch.