Numbers USA

“Numbers USA is a non-profit organization within the United States dedicated to influencing an outcome of reduced immigration.”

NumbersUSA is a numerical denotation of an organization involved in the grass-root reduction of immigrant populations. the organization is advocating for returning immigration numbers in the USA to historical levels. Founded in 1996 by Roy Beck, NumbersUSA has been instrumental in not only fighting for the reduction in immigration levels but also ensuring that American citizens get good employment opportunities that are not influenced by the dilution of the labor market by immigrants.

Founded in 1996, it was an offshoot of the original “Immigration Watch Program” created by the Center for Immigration Studies in Los Angeles, California. The founding members of NumbersUSA were Paul Helm, Daniel Webster, Ann Cori, and Michael Walzer.

NumbersUSA is credited to be one of the most powerful lobbies in the USA with a hard to match network of activists in all fifty states. Roy Beck has been quoted as saying that NumbersUSA provides a voice for every citizen who is trying to make their state and federal legislators aware of the problems caused by large scale immigration. The organization works on providing people with updates on immigration numbers and their effect on jobs. They also provide updates on the cost of public services such as education and healthcare owing to immigrants. As per the organization the preservation of immigration numbers to low numbers is critical in maintaining the quality of life of the American citizen.

In order to achieve their goals, the organization has been able to maintain a network of people in all 50 states. In each state they have activists who are involved directly in congress and state legislatures through lobbying. The group also works on educating the public on the need for low numbers of immigration levels. They also provide people with information as to election dates and polling places so that voters can elect individuals who support their cause. See this page for additional information.

It should be noted that the organization is a non-partisan organization with particular attention to fact-based information.


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