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Miki Agrawal Shares Her Parenthood Journey

Motherhood has been a broad topic masked in secrecy, complex emotion, and inadequate detailed information. Any experience on the motherhood journey that seems to contradict the picture-perfect ideal creates more stress for the modern woman who is juggling to make it in their motherhood and career. Miki Agrawal is a modern woman who is a renowned entrepreneur and an author.


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Her efforts have been dedicated to mental wellness. With suffering from hyperthyroidism, Miki has never shied away from creating awareness to the general public, being honest, and accepting themselves. Agarwal’s life is the epitome of success as he also maintains a quality personal life. She became a first mum in 2017 when she had her first child Hiro. Her first experience journey was not complex and transformed her into a free spirit.

When the time came to expand her family and consider getting her second journey, Miki Agrawal pregnancy journey was complex compared to her first child. Getting pregnant is a different phase for each woman. Most of the aired stories of women getting pregnant are lovely and a sign of fertility, glorifying the American dream family. However, becoming pregnant is not always about the excellent picture-perfect that is exposed to the media. Different woman has their own pregnancies challenges which are not documented on the media. Motherhood is an important and emotional time, and there should be honest documenting of the women’s pregnancy experience.

Each woman considering to be pregnant they are ready to do anything to meet their unborn babies. Miki Agrawal, through her holistic and multidimensional approaches she believes the positive omens should not be decimated rather than being shared. Agrawal has been on the frontline to craft a helpful narrative without discriminating the different paths each woman experience. Despite the different challenging experiences, the journey to motherhood women from all walks of the world has faced with much bravery.

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