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Life-Saving Care with Dr. Alddo Molinar

Dr. Alddo Molinar is a renowned anesthesiologist attending to patients at the Ohio Valley Medical Center and the East Ohio Regional Hospital. Dr. Molinar attributes his level of success to a few factors. First, Dr. Alddo Molinar and his team of medical experts brainstorm on high-quality ideas and refine them into workable goals. Soliciting a different perspective to these high-quality ideas then follows. And finally, Alddo Molinar adds, once the goals are clear enough, a well-documented mission statement solidifies the purpose and sets these ideas in motion. With over 17 years of experience performing anesthesiology to his patients, the top practitioner also performs life-saving procedures that keep vital functions like blood pressure and breathing at an optimal level during a surgical procedure.


Anesthesia administration ensures surgical patients do not experience pain throughout the procedure. Part of anesthesiology also entails coordinating with other medical practitioners like the surgeons and doctors for a smooth surgeryHere, Dr. Alddo Molinar, the President of Molinar Anesthesia Consultants, discusses the role of anesthesiology in providing life-saving care.


We Quickly Establish Rapport with Our Patients

Patients about to undergo surgery are likely to experience stress and anxiety. And that is why a part of the job is to reassure them of safety. Part of this reassurance is obtaining consent by explaining the objectives of administering anesthesia to guarantee a safe surgical procedure. Observing how the patient reacts to the prospect of surgery significantly informs how the anesthesiologist will communicate with the patient throughout their engagement. All this under the supervision of Alddo Molinar.


Alddo Molinar at Cleveland Clinic

We Attend Critical Surgical Moments

Anesthesiologists can navigate critical moments during healthcare, whether in the operating room, the intensive care unit, the delivery room, or even during a pandemic. We have uniquely trained physicians that keep the patient safe while ensuring a surgical procedure goes smoothly. In addition, surgery is pain-free.


Alddo Molinar: We Ensure Continuity of Care after your Procedure

During recovery after a surgical procedure, it’s crucial to monitor every step of your recovery, including circulation, breathing, level of oxygen, and consciousness. We are there to attend to any arising concerns during recovery. 


Schedule your Appointment with Dr. Alddo Molinar

You can call (330) 480-3658 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Molinar at his Practice in Youngstown, OH, to learn more about the medical care he can offer before, during, and after your surgical procedure.