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Laura Dickey-CEO-Dickeys Barbecue Restaurant

Laura Dickey is the CEO of Dickeys Barbecue Restaurant since 2017. Prior, she served as the CIO of the company, where she served as a leader in recognition of artificial intelligence and the application of information technology in a fast-casual industry. The application of artificial intelligence by Laura Dickey in the fast-casual sector has been recognized nationally by Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Fast Casual. She has been named Top Women in Technology by Dallas business journal and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from Hospitality Technology. Additionally, she has been named the top 4 on the Top 25 Fast Casual Executives.

Laura Dickey first joined the Dickeys Barbecue Restaurant in 2006 when Roland Dickey Jr was appointed the CEO. She joined the business as a marke4ting guru and data analyst. However, she was hesitant to on the family business because, having worked for great agencies, she was unsure of a career shift husband Roland Jr wanted her to make traditional marketing and community marketing, technology, and communications.

After accepting the assigned role, Laura became the CIO and worked across departments and revolutionized the way the company perceived and used data as it grew and managing the implementation and usability of data and computer technologies. Laura worked to see the company easily generated and accessed data. Laura formed a partnership with big data companies such as IOLAP to create an exclusive information system. The program was dubbed Smokestack. It integrated information from the organization’s retail location frameworks, advertising advancements, dedication programs, client studies, and stock frameworks to give ongoing criticism on deals and other execution markers. This innovative program was fundamental in permitting the organization to scale rapidly. They had the option to accumulate information from various parts of the business that was vital in speeding the dynamic interaction and decision of bearing.

Laura Rea Dickey, CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc., is a Dallas-based chief who has won different honors for her work with the organization. With over twenty years of experience in the advertising and data innovation field, Dickey is known for using these abilities to transform information bits of knowledge into brand and business arrangements.

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