Business Expert, Founder

Joseph Ashford Ellis, Co-Founder of K24 Global

Joseph Ashford Ellis started his own company in London, Bournemouth, named the K24 global in 2014 that deals with providing professional advice to organizations and persons, advertising, controlling of business occasions, and managing company crisis periods.

He has managed to run and operate the business and his team effectively. Before starting his own company, he graduated with a degree honor and performed executive and managerial duties in other companies.

One of the services offered by K24 is the management of the crisis. He provides help to people or organizations in times of crisis. He and his team in Bournemouth create solutions to problems faced by the client. His experiences in the business market help him get answers to problems and tackle matters at hand comprehensively.

Joseph Ashford Ellis is also well versed in the marketing and traveling sector. He uses his marketing skills to help people and businesses. His traveling experience has enabled him to learn from different cultures. He uses his sharp skill and works tirelessly to deliver the best services to his clients. His experience level in marketing helps him make strategic plans that effectively benefit the business in the long run, benefiting the company.

Besides his company, the K24 global, Joseph Ashford funds a foundation that helps sick children with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EP) called the Butterfly Foundation. EP is a skin disorder that delicate the condition of the skin pigment similar to the appearance of the butterfly wings and hence the foundation’s name.

He campaigns for the disease awareness to reach other funding organizations, help the patients get the vaccine, and make other people aware of the skin condition. He believes and makes his company’s reputation as his priority, and to be the best in what he does. Go Here for related Information.