Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, Business Expert, Business Leader

How to Scale Up a Business with Effective Management: An Interview with Hawkers CEO Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was the man who led Hawkers through the business’s most challenging moment. He found a solution to their financial problems by optimizing their administrative team, capitalizing on opportunities, and effectively managing resources. After his arrival, revenue doubled, and a new office was opened in Madrid. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is among the few experts who can scale up quickly as an entrepreneur, and he offers unique wisdom to current and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Leadership Practices

The key to scaling up Hawkers was for Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to develop leadership practices that would help the company improve its efficiency and effectiveness. His business career allowed him to offer strategies for how the administrative team could improve their operations. Another critical aspect of his leadership is that he creates a culture of trust in which people are encouraged to share ideas and opinions while also encouraging them to take on  new responsibilities. He developed a third key discipline to ensure everything ran smoothly through an efficient and effective supply chain. It included carefully monitoring expenses, hiring staff strategically, ensuring the company has high-quality products on hand and growing with love instead of greed. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez made good use of his experience as a business owner, entrepreneur, angel investor, and administrator when he helped scale up Hawkers into one of Europe’s most successful sunglasses brands.

The Rise of Hawkers

Hawkers is a Spanish brand that produces sunglasses. He is cited as saying that “marketing is not the first thing you do, but it’s part of the process.” Hawkers began by building a social media following on Facebook and Instagram before moving onto its online store. This allowed it to tap into its target audience, predominantly women between 18-35 years old from affluent urban areas in Spain.

At first, Hawkers tried selling its product through influencers on Instagram and other platforms but quickly realized that this tactic would not generate sales. They then focused their marketing efforts on digital platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook ads to bring in new customers without relying on influencers or paid advertisements.