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How the Ombori Grid and H&M new App is Transforming the Retail Industry

Ombori Grid and H&M have recently collaborated in launching one of the most innovative applications in the retail industry. Shop the Look is a fantastic app for Grid that gives users the freedom to navigate through the products from their smartphones.

The CEO of Ombori, Andreas Hassellof, has recently been to berlin on tour at H&M Beyond. H&M Beyond is a special place where the H&M team evaluates innovative products in the Retail Industry. The H&M CEO then confirmed that they were working on several projects, Shop the Look being on the top list.

This is not the first project Grid and H&M are joining hands for. Three other projects have involved both Ombori and. They did a great job, and the Application works and performs excellently.

How the Ombori and H&M App IS changing the retail

So, one of the most outstanding features about the Shop the Look app is that you don’t need to get to the play store or apple store to download it. At H&M beyond space, you only need to scan a QR code, and the app opens. You can choose your desired products on your smartphone.

This Application changing the Fashion retail space by:

Enhancing the customer experience

Ombori and H&M are devoted to making things quite different for the consumers. They have digitized every process of fashion retail. They have integrated both digital and physical worlds and anticipate doing even more. I mean, everyone needs to make their lives much more manageable. That’s what Shop the Look does.

They are putting more emphasis on Omnichannel Retailing.

This is all that the consumers want. They need to be able to shop at any time and from anywhere. With the Shop a Look app, the customers will go shopping whenever they feel like it.

Promoting Tech-Based Shopping

Since Covid has had a tremendous impact on the retail industry, it brought forth new customer demands. Grid and H&M are constantly putting more effort towards improving the app and ensuring that the customers can safely do shopping at their comfort.