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How Robert Kraft is Preparing Gillette Stadium To Host FIFA 2026 World Cup

According to Robert Kraft, most of the major stadiums in North America are aggressively working hard to ensure that they stand a chance of hosting the upcoming FIFA 2026 World Cup. There is no doubt that there is a period of at least five years before the event, but the entities are currently trying to incorporate all the necessary aspects that can help a stadium to be selected by the concerned bodies.

In this case, the stadiums that will be involved in hosting such events are yet to be selected. The FIFA selection committee has just notified that such stadiums need to be prepared because they stand a chance of being selected based on merit. However, Robert Kraft, who is the person behind the growth of Gillette Stadium, does not want this important chance to pass without Gillette Stadium not getting involved in the global football showpiece.

Robert Kraft has been at the forefront of ensuring that he is already changing the artificial turf that the stadium has been using for a lengthy period. This is an issue that should be highly eliminated because it has consistently proved to be a challenge to the athletes and those who participate in the main events. There have always been some questions with regards to the effectiveness of the artificial turf, which is the reason why Gillette Stadium is working hard to eliminate such aspects.

Besides addressing the artificial turf that the stadium has been using, it is worth communicating that Robert Kraft has been working on ensuring that he is eliminating some of the structural challenges that the stadium has been experiencing over the years. Increasing stadium capacity has been a major consideration that the entity wants to consider as it continues to ensure that it is already recording the necessary results that it has been yearning to achieve in its industrial operations. Follow this page on Twitter, for more information.


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