Defend Haiti’s Democracy, Human Rights

Georgette Mulheir: Preventing Exploitation

Haiti is a nation that, in modern memory, some may only remember due to the tragedies that have occurred to its people. Those same crises have also brought great aid to the country from the global community, but it is unfortunate that the issues that plague Haiti cannot be solved with monetary support. According to activist Georgette Mulheir, corruption and state-sponsored violence have gripped the nation’s people’s hearts with fright.


Global leader and activist Georgette Mulheir has gone through extensive lengths to get to the root causes of this havoc, even co-founding Defend Haiti’s Democracy organization. This is an organization that seeks to end the violence and restore democracy to the battered nation. For Georgette Mulheir, the rise in gang violence has reached a critical level in the nation as more people are kidnapped and forced to participate, under the threat of bloodshed, in a perpetual cycle of voter impression. 


The usage of these gangs has created a stronghold on the nation’s political system for corrupt officials to retain power as long as possible, this has made it increasingly difficult to bring change from within, Georgette Mulheir explains. This is why she has focused on the United Nations for assistance, the international community, which has the power to end the massacre that Haiti faces. Defend Haiti’s Democracy has continuously placed pressure on the UN to raise awareness of the plight Haiti’s people are struggling under and has succeeded in bringing attention to the deteriorating human rights in the area. Despite this, Mulheir acknowledges that they have a long battle ahead.