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Founder Of Citizen App: Learning From The Insights Of Expert Software, Andrew Frame

In addition to his dedication to Citizen, Andrew Frame also acts as a mentor for small businesses through various entrepreneurial initiatives. He’s the creator and curator of Fivespace Entrepreneur Camp, a mentorship program for high school students and young entrepreneurs. In September 2018, Frame launched the Beta Program for Fivespace Entrepreneur Camp, which is hosted quarterly at The Bazaar, Los Angeles.

Andrew Frame shares his personal commitment in life and business, “I love to work in problem-solving environments and empowering individuals. I believe a sense of personal responsibility is the cornerstone of any business. My inspiration comes from my ability to relate to everyday people. Our customer focus at Citizen makes me passionate about our products.”

Citizen App has a goal to safeguard all of our lives by seamlessly identifying a person’s location, cellular signal strength, and unique human identity – and making this information available immediately for immediate response. Citizen will also help 911 operators and first responders communicate with people, as well as prevent crimes from taking place through improved response times.

Along with his co-founders and co-CEOs, Andrew Frame launched a Kickstarter campaign in September 2017 to fund the seed round of financing necessary for the development and launch of Citizen. The campaign raised over $800,000 from over 9,300 backers in less than two months.

In addition to the recent launch of a new version of the app, Citizen App has also secured the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice. In partnership with the City of Los Angeles, Citizen will be testing out the app in cities across the United States to analyze response times to emergency calls.

As an entrepreneur, Andrew Frame has had a total of seven companies. He sold his first company, a data network management firm, to Juniper Networks at the age of 24 for $100M. Shortly after the sale, Frame was recruited by Ray Noorda to join the then-SVP of Software Engineering at AT&T. Frame sold that company to NTT Data in 2002 and, at the age of 25, became the youngest manager in the history of AT&T to hold a Chief Technology Officer title. Click here to learn more.


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