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Fortress Investment Group Specializes In Credit-Focused Funds

Fortress Investment Group is an asset manager with headquarters in New York. At first, Fortress was a private equity firm, whose founders, Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wes Edens established in 1998. When the company enlisted in NYSE in 2007, it was the largest private equity company in the United States to ever traded publicly.

The firm was managing roughly $45.5 billion assets in a hedge fund, private equity, and credit funds in June 2020. The alternative asset manager invests in illiquid, and distressed credit investments.

Other areas that the company delves into include real estate, credits, special situations, and providing tailored financial solutions. Fortress Investment Group specializes in credit-focused funds, mixed hedge, and debt fund structures.

In 2014, the New York based Institutional Investor, along with HFMWeek, awarded Fortress the “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year.” The highly diversified investment firm uses its specialized expertise and deep experience across various investment strategies on behalf of more than fifteen hundred private clients and investors globally. Fortress Investment Group has listed some of its portfolio companies, including Brookdale Senior Lining, AirCastle, Railroad America.

In 2014, the alternative asset manager was the winning bidder of Maine, Montreal, and Atlantic Railway. This company went bankrupt in 2013 following the historical accident in Quebec that led to 47 fatalities. In the same year, the company also acquired the Inverness Corners while remaining the parent company of the Japan-based Mystays Hotels and Resorts.

Fortress Investment Group’s expertise has earned it the tag “prudent manager.” It always seeks top talent in asset management and is well-informed on how to invest its clients’ assets. According to Fortress, a crisis can be an opportunity; you only need to find new ways of seeing it. Go Here for related Information.