Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, Business Expert

Exploring Betancourt Genealogy

In this article, Alejandro Betancourt takes a look at the genealogy of his family name. Alejandro is from Ecuador and has been able to find out some interesting information about his family history with My Heritage’s last names research tool. In the following blog post, you will learn how Alejandro Betancourt was able to uncover some fascinating information about the origins of his last name, as well as what he learned from exploring how many people share it worldwide! Alejandro starts by explaining that Betancourt is a fairly common last name in Ecuador. Still, as Alejandro searched for his family history, he realized how little information was available about the origin of this last name.

Alejandro Betancourt also points out that many people assume it goes back to Spain since there are so many Spanish spellings and variations, which can confuse when searching genealogy databases. Alejandro Betancourt then describes what a typical day looks like where everyone has the same surname – “In my town every other person with the same first and last names as me!” It’s interesting because Alejandro isn’t even from Spain, rather from Ecuador! To find more information on his history, Alejandro Betancourt decided to try out MyHeritage’s research tool. Alejandro found out that his family name is shared by many people worldwide, especially in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia. Alejandro points out that while he has been able to find some information about who was behind creating his last name – Betancourt comes from France! The first person with this last name Alejandro could find records for was Juan de Betanzos.

Alejandro explains how Juan’s father “Antoine” had come over to South America at one point looking for gold, which caused him to meet Margarita Céspedes. However, it wasn’t until after Margarita died when Antoine married her daughter Catalina Suarez did, they have a child together named Juan! It was then that ‘Betancourt’ was added to the Suarez family name to pay tribute and remember Margarita. Alejandro then talks about how he has been able to find records of many Betancourt’s around South America, including his ancestors, such as Pedro de Betanzos, who came from Spain. Alejandro admits that while there is much uncertainty when exploring one’s genealogy – especially if you have a common last name as Alejandro does! One thing Alejandro can be sure of, though, is that “we all come from greatness!”

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