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Eterneva Founder and CEO Shares Success Tips

After the death of her close friend, Adelle Archer was inspired to create a company that honors the departed by turning their remains into memorial diamonds. Grieving is a life-long condition. Having a souvenir that you can carry around can make the painful process less painful. Wearing a necklace or bangle made from the remains of your loved one helps you to come to terms with their absence. Adelle is an alumnus of Austin-based Acton School of Business, where she earned her MBA in Entrepreneurship. Before establishing Eterneva with her partner Garett Ozar, Adelle worked at CrateJoy as a Business Manager, TrendKite Company as the Head Marketer, and Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Big commerce industry. Working in these companies provided the Eterneva CEO with invaluable lessons on business management. Her immense hard work and business success have seen Adelle feature in Inc. and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Lists. Her appearance in the popular Shark Tank show prompted one of the show’s hosts, Mark Cuban, to invest in the company personally. Watch: Youtube

In an interview, Adelle shares that her success stems from her strong desire to do something meaningful and impactful. As a child, the president had the desire to make a positive change in the world. In college, she thought she could make the world a better place while in politics. Later, when she moved to DC, she dropped politics as Adelle felt she was on the wrong path. While working a side hustle job, a friend approached her to brand his father’s lab-grown diamond company. When her close friend succumbed to cancer, she decided to honor her memory by turning her ashes into a diamond. A diamond scientist shared the idea of using ashes to make diamonds over dinner, revealing you could grow diamonds using ashes as they contained carbon.

The Austin-based company involves grieving persons in the diamond-making process. The deceased is taken through the whole process through monthly videos and pictures. At the end of the 7-8 months, the grieving person gains enough courage to face the world in the absence of the deceased.

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