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ClassDojo is the Most Popular Classroom App

ClassDojo is a company that specializes in educational technology. This application connects teachers, students, and families through communication tools, such as photo and video feed, and the capacity to translate information into more than 35 languages. Furthermore, teachers can also record students’ skills and create a portfolio for students so that parents are aware of school activities outside of meetings with teachers. Teachers value it because it was developed by 20,000 teachers who provide constant feedback. According to the company, this approach and kid-friendly gamification have allowed it to enter 90% of U.S. schools. ClassDojo claims to reach around 1% of the 700 million children in grades K-8 or their equivalents worldwide every day or more than 10 million children in total.

During a weekend seminar for entrepreneurs in Cambridge in

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don’s native England, Chaudhary and Don began discussing what would become ClassDojo. They bonded over a shared concern: The purpose of education has changed dramatically in the past century. However, classrooms have not. Over one month, the two met with hundreds of teachers to assess their needs. Our early goals were to facilitate children’s personal development through playful communication and community building. ClassDojo has raised about $31 million from investors since its founding six years ago, earning a recent estimate in the range of $100 million, according to Forbes. A former art gallery in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood houses its 30 employees.

Teachers can post videos and photos of their classes in a Facebook-like feed, and students can post news and projects in the “Stories” section. Several startups are grappling with ClassDojo that are narrowly focused on classroom communication or uploading homework. Based on pedagogical research and teacher consultations, the company has maintained its competitive position by concentrating on a broader range of products. Chaudhary is committed to continuing in-depth talks with teachers and parents to enhance ClassDojo’s user-focused approach further.

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