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Angel Investor Steph Korey's Investment Trends to Watch in 2022 and Advice for New Investors

Angel investing is hard. It’s tough to see your idea and execution succeed even with all the work you put in. Most people don’t have a lot of money to invest, so it can be difficult to make a difference. With angel investing becoming more popular and the awareness of angel investors on the rise, people are starting new investments in areas like biotech, blockchain technology, and cleantech. Looking into these growing industries can help you find opportunities that might not be available anywhere else. Another trend this year is the focus on social impact investing, which includes companies that are socially responsible while also generating a return on investment for investors. Here are some trends you can expect in 2022 as per the advice from angel investor Steph Korey.


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There will be a probable Hike of Interests by the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is an institution that influences the economy. It sets monetary policy and guides who, what, when, and how much to print money. In recent years, the Federal Reserve has been increasing interest rates, which means that your investments are becoming less effective. By 2022, the Fed Reserve will likely raise interest rates even further. As a result, angel investors, as advised by Steph Korey, need to be ready for a change in investment strategy to keep up with the rising cost of investing.

Inflation is projected to maintain an upward trend

The rise in the costs of goods and services is commonly referred to as inflation. It’s projected that inflation will continue to rise through the year 2022. If this trend continues, it could lead to even deeper economic difficulties and increased financial problems for consumers. That’s because prices are rising faster than incomes, putting a lot of people into debt. As a result, many people can’t purchase as much as they need and experience food insecurity or homelessness. Financial markets will soon be thrown in disarray, and it’s likely that investors, as is with Steph Korey, will have to make changes in their investing strategy.

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