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 Alex A Molinaroli: Lessons from a Business Leader

Alex A Molinaroli is a self-made entrepreneur and billionaire, formerly the president and CEO of Johnson Controls. Molinaroli was the head of Johnson Controls for 34 years, transforming it from a company primarily focused on car batteries to one that deals in infrastructure safety and building controls. He retired in 2017 to pursue other interests. He continues to be involved in the business world as a venture capitalist, adviser, and mentor. Molinaroli is dedicated to mentoring young entrepreneurs and advises others to be transparent in regard to their goals and plans.

Throughout his tenure at Johnson Controls Alex A Molinaroli supported women’s leadership and diversity. As part of these efforts, the company has continued advocating for more women leaders in the business world and has increased funding for women-owned businesses. Alex A Molinaroli believes that in the corporate world, people often aspire to what they think others would like them to be or how things should go. But this isn’t always our true calling. According to the veteran business leader, society values conformity and compliance with social norms more than individuality and many will do anything for success without necessarily understanding why; so much of life gets filtered through an outdated lens: work hard play by those rules.

Alex A Molinaroli has many leadership qualities that have led to his success in the business world. He is known for being authentic, encouraging diversity, being a great communicator, and valuing his employees. He is known for his ability to find the good in people, rather than the bad which can be difficult in the business world. He was also known for being a natural leader, having the ability to take control of any room while facing a variety of people. Molinaroli believes that everyone can be a leader and encourages them to explore what they believe in and why it means so much to them. Read more by visiting